Bear cub escapes from CALM, recaptured

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - An orphaned bear cub found in Lebec and brought to the California Living Museum (CALM) today escaped from US Department of Fish & Game staff as they were unloading the cub at the facility, causing the temporary closure of CALM at 12:30 PM this afternoon. 

The zoo has reopened after the bear cub was brought down from the tree and recaptured thanks to the US Department of Fish & Game, firefighters from Bakersfield City Fire Department, Shift C from Stations 1 & 10 and CALM staff.
The feisty and speedy cub, which weighed 16 lbs. ran up a tree, where it remained for approximately four hours.

The estimated 40 guests that were inside the park at the time were promptly evacuated and the facility was closed. 

The zoo has reopened and the bear cub is secure in temporary housing at CALM until a permanent new home can be found for the cub.  US Department of Fish & Game will lead that effort.
Twilight at CALM continues this evening and will be a restful end to an exciting day at CALM.  Twilight at CALM continues every Saturday through August from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM where people are encouraged to bring a picnic dinner and enjoy CALM.
CALM is located at 10500 Alfred Harrell Highway (between Lake Ming and Hart Park).

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