Bear spotted in Bakersfield last month killed in Visalia

Non-lethal attemps made, but bear became aggresive

VISALIA, Calif. - A bear that was spotted in Bakersfield last month made its way to Visalia where it was killed last night.

On June 19, a 150 pound male black bear was killed in the Visalia area near the St. John’s River due to safety concerns.

The bear had been in agricultural area for more than five days near a well-traveled road. CDFW staff were concerned about the bear possibly crossing Road 108 and making its way into a residential area.

This is the same bear that was first spotted in the town of Bakersfield in early May. (read original story here: ) At that time, the bear was successfully darted and released at undisclosed area about 100 miles away before making his way to Visalia.

CDFW staff said they utilized all resources including traps, aerial support and ground searches to locate the bear, tranquilize him and release him again. For public safety concerns, search hounds were called in and did find  the bear. The intention was to tree the bear, dart it and relocate it.

Although non-lethal means were attempted, the bear acted aggressively and due to concerns for the safety of staff and dogs, the bear was killed. The safety of the public and staff are foremost priority. 

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