Beavers return to Park at Riverwalk

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The popular Bakersfield beavers are back!

According to Bakersfield City Clerk Roberta Gafford, beavers have been spotted recently at The Park at River Walk.

In a release, Gafford said that "staff is in the process of wrapping trees with green nylon fencing, and will continue to monitor tree damage."

In the past few years, beavers have been spotted at several places in Southwest Bakersfield, including the Park at River Walk, Lake Truxtun & the Kern River Bike Path.

It is unknown if the same family of beavers are the ones which were recently spotted.

The large rodents have a taste for trees -- gnawing down several of them at Lake Truxtun and the Park at River Walk last year.

In 2007, a beaver which destroyed several trees along the bike path received an outpouring of support from the community after California Department of Fish & Game officials issued a kill order. The issue received national attention and the kill order was later rescinded.

Last year, Bakersfield Recreation & Parks Director Dianne Hoover told 23ABC it was easier to simply protect trees with nets & fencing instead of trying to capture the elusive animals.

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