Bed bug problem leads thieves into Marine's home


A Bakersfield marine is left homeless after a string of bad luck that all started with a bed bug.  The man who spent years fighting for our country is now dealing with a different type of battle.

While crews treated his apartment for bed bugs, Julio Torres and his family spent the week at a hotel, but came back to find their home turned upside down.

Walking into his 10-year-old’s son room is still one of the most heart breaking moments Torres has experienced since medically retiring from the marines last year.

“He takes pride in his room at what he has and he earned it and now it’s gone,” he said.

The place the Torres family called home was infested with bed bugs.  A pest control company was hired to tent and spray the unit, but in the process was burglarized.

“They did kick the door open, I mean I don’t know how they did it. They must have lifted up the cover and kicked the door open. The whole trimming is broken,” he said.

Thieves walked away with television sets, game consoles, jewelry, and all the marine medals he earned while serving in Iraq.

“You know that hurt, TV’s are replaceable, x-boxes and everything.  They are replaceable, the things I earned and the things I’ve done for this country, it’s gone,“ said Torres.

Torres has lived at the apartment complex with his girlfriend and son, for more than a year and just recently relocated to the single floor unit.

“This is just too much. I mean, it’s an emotional wreck,” he said.

Loved ones and other marines are giving the family a hand as they move forward.  The marine’s family is now working to find a new, permanent home.

“I have to pack up my belongings, staying here is not an option. We’ve already been compromised. Somebody’s been in our home. They know what we have here now.  Everything is gone for us. So, now I’m bad, but it’s to pack up and protect my family,” he said.

The apartment complex and its management company did not want to be appear on camera, but say they are outraged over the burglary and are very upset that it happened to someone who served our country.


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