Beloved Care Funeral Home closed for code violations

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A Bakersfield funeral home is being forced to temporarily stop its services and the owner is under a police investigation.

Police officers had to remove nine bodies that were not stored properly at Beloved Care Funeral Home.

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Signs are scheduled to be posted Monday on the mortuary letting the community know the building is not up to come.

Owner James Gamble told 23ABC he is working hard to be in compliance.

City of Bakersfield's Chief Code Compliance Enforcement Officer found many problems with the funeral home.

"Walls were put up without a benefit of permits," Randy Fidler said. "He started to put a cooler in, a freezer unit in the building which wasn't hooked up to the electrical and the mechanical wasn't hooked up."

James Gamble's license is still intact. He has no plans to move out of the building. He does have a state-approved facility nearby that he plans to use to continue service for clients.

Code Enforcement officers said although the mortuary part of the business is temporarily closed, Gamble does have access to the church portion of the building.

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