Bessie Owens, South High School getting updates to sidewalks after 40 years

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Most parents would not want to see their kids walking to school without a sidewalk, especially when it's raining. So the city of Bakersfield will spend around $1.3 million on sidewalks, curbs, and gutters around Bessie Owens School and South High School.

"Make sure the kids have somewhere to walk, so they don't walk in the street and that everything drains properly, and there's a little less dirt blowing around when they're playing at school," says councilman Willie Rivera.

Currently workers are revamping school crosswalks and adding in sidewalk ramps. People at Bessie Owens say the new additions will be beneficial for students.

"Our students will be able to have a sidewalk they can actually walk on, and they'll be able to cross the street safely, and within the crosswalk here," said Dean Addonica Stanley.

City council members say areas near the schools have not upgraded their curbs or gutters in over 40 years.

"Drive down streets that, for example, after a day of rain like yesterday, are flooded because the drainage doesn't work properly anymore," said Rivera.

The city says the work on these sidewalks will continue on through March, and they expect to have everything done before the end of the school year.


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