Better Bakersfield donates car to single mom

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A local group is trying to make life better for one single mom by donating a car.

Better Bakersfield was started by a group of family and friends who just wanted to help the community.

"We want to serve Bakersfield one person at a time," said Justin Ahart, member.

The car giveaway campaign began when the group put out a message on Facebook asking single mothers to write in and share their situation, and hundreds of moms responded.

"People been praying for something like this and God answered," said Naomi Esquivel, single mom.

Esquival is one of 200 moms that responded. She's a single mom with three boys and says transportation has always been an issue, but the problem was made worse recently because of the GET Bus strike.

"We have been staying home a lot because the buses aren’t working," said Esquival.

Several of the group's founding members grew up together as kids living in the same apartment complex for single moms.

The complex was ran by the Gleaners called the Haven. "The Haven was created for the intention of helping single mothers better their situation," said Ahart .

Now that the members are older, they want to help better the situation for other families in the same boat.

"A lot of us came from that situation where our mothers were trying to make ends meet and transportation was a big hurdle," said Ahart.

The group met with six finalists on Monday night. One of the moms will get the newly conditioned used car.

"I know a lot of mothers aren't looking for a hand-out. But, it will be a beautiful beginning for whoever gets blessed with that car," said Esquival.

The group meets monthly to do community service projects around town including feeding people at MLK park, clothing drives and giveaways on Union avenue.

For more information on Better Bakersfield, click here .

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