Big changes at local gas stations may help drivers save money this summer


The roads are busier than ever as people continue taking summer trips, but there is some welcome change at the pump that may soon help you save extra money.

Mike Madden continues to feel the impact of prices at the pump

“It limits some of the things we’re able to do because it has to go for gas,” said Madden, who owns Madden Commercial Service.

Madden’s business focuses on fixing restaurant equipment around Kern County.  His crew spends more than $3,000 a month filling up their four vehicles, and they have big plans for when gas prices come back down.

“It’ll go into tools and equipment, things like that and it always goes back into the business whether it goes back into the gas tank or whether it goes back into tools and equipment,” he said.

U.S. drivers paid an average of $367 a gallon over the Fourth of July weekend; it’s the most since 2008.

Officials say now that gas prices for the year have peaked, people can expect to spend less at local gas stations.

According to AAA, the current national average for regular gas is $3.65.  In Bakersfield though, we’re seeing almost $4.14 a gallon.

“With this truck (I visit the pump) once a week and a have car and that’s the same thing,” said Tee Daniels of Bakersfield.

Experts say California should see the biggest price drop compared to other states with a .25 cent decrease and that’s good news for drivers.

“I love it,” said Tom McKinney of Bakersfield.

“I’m going to take a trip tomorrow so, I’m going to fill it up. It’s good,” said Nora of Bakersfield.

Gas prices should keep inching down thanks to falling oil prices.  People can expect to see the drop within the next two weeks.


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