Biking in Arvin getting a boost with nonprofit bike shop

Bike Bakersfield expanding coverage

ARVIN, Calif. - Bike Bakersfield, a nonprofit group has been operating in the downtown area since 2005. Now the group has pedaled forward toward the community of Arvin.

Thanks to the California Endowments, Building a Health Community Initiative, the nonprofit received a grant they are using to spread their focus south of town.

"Our vision has been to create a bike friendly community in Bakersfield, now we are expanding that vision to Arvin," said Jason Cater of Bike Bakersfield.

Their new shop on Bear Mountain Boulevard opened Tuesday. It's referred to as a bike kitchen. People from the community can come and buy a new bike, or for $2 an hour, can work on their own bike using the shops tools.

"We are more of a community learning center than a traditional bike shop that's trying to make a profit. We are geared towards education," said Cater.

One of the nonprofits desires is too target young people in the community and get them to think about using a bike for the transportation.

Bike Bakersfield officials say Arvin does not have any bike other shops. The closest bike shop is more than 20 miles away in Bakersfield.

Community leaders welcome the new shop with open arms.

"Our hope is to improve our air quality and Bike Bakersfield is perfect fit for Arvin. The way our city is designed, it's perfect for riding a bike," said Salvador Partida, Community for a Better Arvin.

Partida is excited about the new venture and encourages the entire community to get with the program and ride their bikes to church, school and shopping.

"Everything in our city is close to each other, inside of a mile you have everything you need," said Partida.

The shop is located at 1241 Bear Mountain Boulevard and will be celebrating their official grand opening will be in two weeks.

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