Board of Zoning denies permit for assisted-living facility

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Bakersfield's Board of Zoning weighs in on a controversial proposal to build an assisted care facility in the heart of Westchester.

Board members unanimously voted to deny an application to operate a proposed 12-bed facility on the corner of 18th and Pine st.

Owners of the property say the business is a hospice-type service being offered and is not a hospital.  The organization would house people who no longer can take care of themselves and the patients would be people with only six months to live.

The group picked the Westchester neighborhood because of its beauty and its ability to make people feel more comfortable.

People who live in the area are concerned over more traffic, lack of parking, noise and a decline in property value.

Both sides say they are not planning on giving up this fight anytime soon.


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