BPD investigating parent's claim her daughter was tied up in a McKinley Elementary School bathroom

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A parent of a special needs child attending McKinley Elementary School says a teacher tied up her daughter and left her in a rest room last week.

The family said the school district called them Monday to inform them about how the child was disciplined the week previous. The family then called the police to make an official complaint and took their child out of school.

Bakersfield police has been at the school for several hours Tuesday investigating. Bakersfield Police officials said they are in contact with the parents and the school. They are making a preliminary investigation into the matter.

"I want to know why my daughter was restrained in the bathroom left by herself last week and I just found out about it yesterday," Esmeralda Diaz the student's parent.

While 23 ABC was interviewing Diaz at her home in Northeast Bakersfield,  the teacher who allegedly put a child in the bathroom called to ask why her daughter has not been in school.

Diaz told the teacher that she is not bringing her child back to the school ever.

"I thought my daughter was safe at the school and she's not," said Diaz.

BPD officials said there were no injuries to the child.

BPD officials said it was a matter of teacher training, and not a criminal investigation.

School district officials said it is early on into the matter of these allegations. They said they are making a preliminary investigation. The teacher has not been disciplined and is not leave.

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