BPD: Tevis Jr. High vice principal unlikely to face charges

Tevis Junior High Vice Principal will most likely not face any charges for having a weapon on campus, according to the Bakersfield Police Department.

Kent Williams was arrested yesterday after someone at the school heard he had a gun and contacted district officials.

The Panama Buena Vista Union School District contacted the Bakersfield Police Department because they believed the vice principal violated the gun free school zone state law.

Williams was arrested and taken into custody. However, law enforcement released him several hours later after further review of the law.

The BPD says that because Williams had a concealed weapons permit, with no restrictions, he did not violate the law.

The BPD says they conferred with the District Attorney's Office before releasing Williams.

Law enforcement, upon the DA's request, has forwarded the case to them for further review.

But Williams is not out of hot water with the district because of their no gun policy on campus.

Williams will remain under paid administrative leave during the district's investigation.

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