Brain injury center expands as treatment becomes more in demand

Centre for Neuro Science is expanding

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - More than 1.7 million people sustain serious brain injuries every year in the United States, but tomorrow evening a new center will help local patients recover.

The Centre for Neuro Skills has spent three decades at it's facility along Mt. Vernon Avenue but Wednesday they will move to a facility twice the size on Ashe Road.

The 25,000 square foot building will feature new equipment including a new patient gym, therapy pool and counseling areas tailored to people with neurologic injuries.

Quality manager of CNS, David Harrington explained, "it gives us a lot more capacity to challenge them(patients) and to really keep good metrics on how we're changing their lives."

Harrington said the center sees about 75 patients a day, a number that's growing for a variety of reasons, "people are aware of traumatic brain injuries even from the person who has a concussion from high school sports to the person who's fighting combat in Afghanistan and Iraq."

The grand opening is Wednesday at 4pm at 5215 Ashe rd. and is invitation only.


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