Brazilian farmers travel to Kern County to learn farming

Farmers toured garlic and almond farms

MCFARLAND, Calif. - Twenty farmers from Brazil visited two Kern County farms, Wednesday, to learn more about farming techniques and procedures.

The Brazilian farmers flew into Los Angeles on Monday and will tour the entire state until September 4.

During their stay, the farmers visited two Mcfarland farms, including a garlic farm and Famoso's Nut Company, which harvest almonds.

They said they felt it was important to visit these farms, because they wanted to learn more about how farmers in Kern County harvest and process their products.

The farmers posed many questions to Chad Derose, who works for Famoso's Nut Company, about the way the company harvest  their almonds.

Almonds are very hard to produce in Brazil, and are mainly imported into the country.

Although farming is a huge industry in much of central California, Derose said this isn't the first time people have shown interest in learning from our farming community.

"Obviously there's a huge agricultural industry here, the farming practices are first rate the processing processors are first. I mean, a lot of innovation and agricultural comes out of California"

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