Brian Hodges receives more community support with Zumba benefit

More support arrives for Brian Hodges, the man involved in a zip lining accident in Mexico.

This time it comes from his wife's childhood friend. 

Cecilia Pulido, who has known Shimeaka Hodges since fourth grade, hosted a Zumba benefit to raise awareness for Brian Hodges. 

"We have such a tight-knit community that I know people will come out and support us."

She hosted the event today at South High School and she said she was anticipating a huge response, since he graduated from that same high school. 

Pulido says the next event will be an 80's themes skate-a-thon, which will take place in late August.  

She also said that Brian Hodges' wife said that he is still in critical condition, but progression is being made. 

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