Brighton Park, Stockdale Ranch residents concerned over Westside Parkway noise, want wall

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Dozens of residents in the Brighton Park and Stockdale Ranch areas have been concerned over the effects of the Westside Parkway.

There have been petitions signed, flyers and emails sent between residents and city officials.

Their concern is sound. Many of these residents want a sound wall to shield them from the noise, dust and pollution the freeway traffic causes.

Bakersfield city councilman Bob Smith has even gone to the homes of many of these residents at Brighton Park. Smith took sound decibel readings and listened to the concerns of the homeowners.

Officials say the part of the Westside Parkway adjacent to the Brighton Park homes did not meet the criteria for a sound wall.

There are sound walls in place on the north side of the Westside Parkway. The neighborhood of Brighton Park is south of the Westside Parkway and east of Allen Road.

Because the homes in Brighton Park are more than 400 feet from the Parkway, officials say a sound wall was not required.

Mike Burnett, one of the residents who had started an email petition, wants either the city or Castle and Cooke to erect a sound wall for the residents of Brighton Park.

"Ever since the freeway officially opened we have experienced a significant increase in noise," said Mike Burnett.

Dozens of residents from the Stockdale Ranch area, north of Stockdale Highway and west of Allen Road are equally concerned. They say there will be no sound wall or barrier protecting them from the freeway.

Estimated projections said the Parkway would be between 60 and 65 decibels for the residents in the Stockdale Ranch area.

The federal requirements mandate sound levels be at least 67 decibels to get sound wall.

The Westside Parkway did not meet federal standards for excess noise in the area.

Many of the residents are going to be meeting at City Hall Wednesday to address their concerns during public comment.

"All we are asking for is a reasonable request. Protection for all of the residents, from pollution, light noise and sounds noise levels," Kristen Cimental said.

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