Brother and sister get awarded $15M for mother's wrongful death case

Hit and run case ends in $15M verdict

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A Bakersfield brother and sister have been awarded $15M in the wrongful death case of their mother.

This case stems from a hit and run accident just two days after Christmas back in 2010.

That's when CHP said 28 year-old Tiffany Paregien and her mother Cynthia were killed as they were crossing the street at Panama Road and South Union Avenue, and the big-rig driver took off.

Cynthia was killed on impact. Tiffany later died during surgery at Kern Medical Center. Tiffany was the single mother of then 11 year-old Sean and 4 month-old Lacey.
The CHP said Antonio Oliva was driving the big rig when he made a turn at Panama Road, hit the women as they were in the crosswalk and drove away from the accident.

It wasn't until three days later that authorities were able to positively identify him and link him to the accident.
On Thursday attorney Ricardo Echeverria won the civil case on behalf of Tiffany's now 14 year-old son and 2 year-old daughter. The jury awarded them $15M  in punitive damages.

Their attorney said the district attorney's office did not file criminal charges against Oliva. Now Echeverria and his team will fight to recover the money awarded to the two kids by going after the truck driving company.

The attorney said the jury found Oliva to have acted with negligence, malice, and disregard for pedestrian safety.

The children's surviving family was not available for comment but their attorney said the award brings the family closure and financial security for Tiffany's two children.

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