Business raises awareness about bullying

Business distributes anti-bully material

TAFT, Calif. - A Taft business is helping to raise awareness about bullying and is donating all their proceeds from the past several days to help the family of the teen shot at Taft High School last week.

 The owners of Haydens Hope Thrift Store said the bullying issue in Taft has been a serious problem.

 Many in the community believe bullying was the motivation that caused the shooter, Bryan Oliver to carry out his actions for revenge. 

 The business has used much of their profits to produce and distribute anti-bullying material at community events.

 Angela Hayden is concerned that if bullying victims do not get the support they need; the result, she said, could be devastating.

 "They are being bullied, they are being picked on. They feel like there is nowhere to go, no one to help them. So they lash out and do things they should not do," said Hayden.

 The business will also donate $200 from proceeds that they said will go to the shooting victim's family.

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