Business struggles with not enough parking

Battle for parking spaces

OILDALE, Calif. - A popular eatery on North Chester is creating a parking nightmare for a neighboring business.

 One businesses parking lot has become an overflow parking for the other during the lunch rush.

  "I have to deal with restaurants customer's taking over every day between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.," said Sherri Kunkel, business owner.

It may be easy to find a great deal at Sherri's Thrift and Bargain Box, but a parking space on the street is little harder to come by.

 "When my customers don't have a place to park, then my foot traffic slows down, then my business slows down, then I can't make enough money to stay open," said Kunkel.

 There is nothing the business can do about available street parking, the problems come into play when restaurant customer's try to use their parking lot. Kunkel has to keep one eye on her lot and confronts those who park on her property.

 Kunkel said many of the restaurants customer’s overlook her no parking signs that carry the warning, unauthorized vehicles will be towed.

 "My customers need places to park and I can’t keep watching my lot to keep the others out," said Kunkel.

 The restaurant only has a few off-street parking spaces behind their business.

 "I've had several customers tell me there were no places for them to park, so they kept going," said Kunkel.

 Businesses are supposed to have a specific amount of off-street parking available for their customers, based on the size of the building.

 23 ABC contacted county officials about the restaurant's limited parking spaces and we're told that the business had their license before newer codes went into effect.

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