Calif. law would require cops to return seized pot if charges are dropped

BAKERSFIELD - A bill in the state legislature would require police to return seized marijuana if charges are dropped.

SB 1193 would require California law-enforcement agencies that file charges against medical marijuana users to return the pot or reimburse the person for it if the charges later get dropped.

The other part of the bill would also limit the amount of marijuana law enforcement agencies have to keep as evidence while a case is in the courts.

Many law-enforcement agencies around the state support the idea of having to keep less marijuana in their property rooms. The new bill would only require law-enforcement to keep 2 pounds and five random samples of marijuana for the case the rest could be destroyed.

Supporters of the bill point to a case in San Luis Obispo where the sheriffs office had to pay a woman $20,000 after destroying her medical marijuana.

The bill could go to the floor as early as next week.


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