California Chrome wins Preakness Stakes, could win Triple Crown

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - California Chrome, winner of this year's Kentucky Derby, took the track once again at the Preakness Saturday and won. He is now one step closer to winning the Triple Crown.

The next race is the Belmont Stakes on June 7 in New York. If California Chrome wins that race he will take home the Triple Crown.

Chrome's co-owner Steve Coburn wanted his family in Bakersfield to see where the colt was born so after the Kentucky Derby he and his wife invited them to Harris Ranch in Colinga.

"It's pretty special. It really is to have the family ties," said Steve Coburn.

Steve and Carolyn Coburn's children and grandchildren still live in Kern County and were very excited to visit the ranch and see California Chrome's mother, Love The Chase and father Lucky Pulpit.

"It's a very special thing to have my kids experience that and see the horses," said Doug Black, son of Carolyn Coburn.

"It's exciting for Bakersfield and for the state of California," said Shane Coburn, son of Steve Coburn.

Steve Coburn told 23ABC he knew California Chrome was special when the colt was just a day old and Coburn is confident California Chrome will win the Preakness.

"Personally, I believe this horse will win the Triple Crown," said Coburn.

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