California City facility to house 2,000 inmates to alleviate crowded prisons

CALIFORNIA CITY, Calif. - Governor Brown signed another private prison deal in Kern County to take inmates out of California's crowded prisons.

The new deal requires the state to pay more than $28 million a year to a Tennessee-based operator to run the California City Correctional Center.

The facility is currently housing federal immigration detainees and prisoners for the US Marshals Service, but they will be moved to another location.

The three-year contract requires the company, Corrections Corp of America to pay the first $10 million in renovations needed to house more than 2,000 higher security inmates.

After that, California taxpayers will foot the bill.

Last month, the governor also signed a three-year contract with another company, GEO Group, to house 1,400 inmates are two other facilities.

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