California Highway Patrol hires 85 new officers

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - CHP hired 85 new officers that will soon be patrolling California's highways. 

They woke up as cadets but graduated from the CHP Academy as full fledged officers. 

They graduated Friday in front of hundreds of friends, family, law enforcement and state officials. 

The class began its training last November with 150 would-be officers. But after six months of difficult live-in training the class was down to 85. 

The training includes rigorous physical workouts and the classroom work equivalent of a two-year law enforcement associates degree. 

"That education level is put on them for 27 weeks, including they have to do range training to get firearms qualified, the driving course to be able to be certified to be able to drive the vehicles on the department, physical methods of arrest. Everything that's associated with the department is taught to them," said Mike Harris with CHP. 


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