California implements silver alert system to recover missing elderly individuals

Program broadcasts missing elderly individuals

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - California has implemented a new recovery system for elderly adults.
The Silver alert is similar to the Amber alert which is used for missing kids.
The state started the system January 1.
The California highway patrol asks news media, law enforcement and the public for help in locating elderly people believed to be lost and at risk.
Unlike Amber alerts, which is used for missing kids, Silver alerts do not show up on electronic highway signs.
Since its implementation three days ago, three silver alerts have been issued, leading to the safe recovery of at least two people including an 82-year-old Sacramento man.
Silver alerts can be issued regionally or statewide.
The requirements to issue one are that the missing person must be 65 years and older, be missing under unexplained or suspicious circumstances and may be in danger.
If that's the case, contact your local law enforcement agency.

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