POWERBALL ticket now worth close to $290 million

Numbers to be drawn Saturday night

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - After no one matched the correct numbers in the POWERBALL jackpot, Wednesday night, the jackpot is now worth an estimated $290 million on Thursday. 

The winner could walk away with over $168 million in cash value. 

One lucky winner came close last night, after they matched five out of the six winning numbers. They still walked away with over $3 million dollars. 

The numbers to last night POWERBALL included: 5, 8, 24, 59, 39 and 49.

The POWERBALL jackpot will be picked again Saturday night. 

The California Lottery reminds winners to make sure to sign the back of their tickets, keep tickets in a safe place and contact lottery official if they believe they have winning numbers. 



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