Caltrans awards Bakersfield 250K for trash cleanup


Relief is on the way for the trash problem along freeways in the area and it's coming in the form of a quarter million dollars from Caltrans.

The money has been given to the City of Bakersfield to hire groups to clean-up the unwanted filth along our roadways.

The City of Bakersfield's Solid Waste Management Department is calling the $250,000 grant their solution to the growing trash problem.

Prison inmates in the past cleaned the trash along the freeways, but since the closure of Shafter CCF, there haven't been any inmates to use.

The Bakersfield Homeless Center will be awarded a portion of the funds to send crews to participate in the cleanup and The Kern County Sheriff's Office will also coordinate inmate crews.

The Waste Management Dept. says the issue of trash pick-up has been abandoned for years.  Officials say it's very important to make sure cleanup crews follow all safety precautions while working on the side of our freeways.

Organizers hope the new freeway cleanup project will be up and running by April. 

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