Caltrans Takes Time To Remember Employees Killed In Work Zones

Two More Victims Added To The Cone Memorial

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - It's a colorful reminder of tragic consequences.

Caltrans is holding it's 23rd annual Worker's Memorial Ceremony this morning at the Olive Dr. maintenance station near Highway 99.

The memorial will feature 180 orange traffic cones, each one representing a worker who died in the line of duty .

Two new cones will be added to the memorial this year for 40-year-old Joseph Robert Jones and 50-year-old Shawn Baker.

Most of the workers were struck by reckless or inattentive drivers traveling through work zones.

Caltrans continues their public awareness campaign with the now familiar slogan, "Slow for the cone zone", in hopes of saving lives.

Studies show that in areas where the campaign has run, accident rates in work zones involving motorists have dropped.

In memory of those dedicated employees who lost their lives while serving Caltrans and the people of The State of California, click here for a full list.

To read about the 'two new cones' that represent the two deaths of two employees, click here

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