Candidates began filing today for Bakersfield City Council special election

March 8 is the deadline to enter the race


Candidates can now file for the special election to fill Rudy Salas' open Bakersfield City Council seat in Ward 1. The filing period is open until March 8, with the special election taking place in June. 

"We are coming up on less than 100 days, so it is going to be a quick sprint, we have a lot of work to do and I'm very excited to be setting out on that," Willie Rivera said.

Rivera is running for the open seat and is also a staffer for California state Senator Michael Rubio.

On the steps of Bakersfield City Hall Willie Rivera announced his candidacy for the council position. Rivera spoke about how he has already been working for the people in Ward 1 and believes he is ready to take on even more. 

"I've learned the importance of taking every call and handling every issue no matter how small or big - just going to bat for the people," Rivera said.

Stephanie Campbell filed her paperwork with the Bakerfield City Clerk's office today and is also eyeing Assemblyman Rudy Salas' empty council seat.  

"I have the experience, I have the background. I've been working on the issues that are going to face the newly elected candidate for Ward 1," Campbell said.   

Campbell, born and raised in Ward 1, says she has served Bakersfield for more than 25 years and is focusing on programs that will bring money and safety to her part of Bakersfield. 

"Public safety would be a priority, economic sustainability, more training programs  and job growth within the community," Campbell said. "I would also like to see some infrastructure improvements on the streets."  

Rivera would also work for higher paying jobs, creating opportunities for children in the area and securing Ward 1's neighborhoods, he said. 

"The time of criminals running the streets and influencing our kids is going to be over and that is why we are going to take this campaign to them and we are going to run and we are going to change that," Rivera said.

The 22-year-old recognized his young age and the fact that he is in his position, because past city officials helped him - a favor he now wants to return. 

"The only reason I'm here is because folks have stood up for me, because people have been there to help me through that has lead me to here today," Rivera said. 

Both Campbell and Rivera said today they are ready to go to bat for the neighbors in Ward 1. 

"It's so important that we get someone that is going to fight for Ward 1 residents," Rivera said. 'So I'm excited that everyone is here and I thank everyone for coming and lets get to work."     

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