Car theft growing on the campus of Bakersfield College

School leaders working with public safety and BPD


Students who drive to Bakersfield College have new worries.  School leaders say vehicles are being stolen, so far four in just the last three weeks.


It's a growing problem that has many college students re-thinking where they want to leave their cars.  For many walking just isn't an option and with tight budgets some students are finding ways not to be a target.


Franklin Aguilar is doing everything he can to keep thieves far away from his '93 Honda. 


"Right now, I have a clutch guard on mine and alarm. From what I know, from my experience that's good," he said.


Aguilar even has an engine control unit which makes it difficult for thieves to drive away with his only form of transportation.


"That's the main thing to get here. You either have this or you have to ask for a ride or a bus and this is the main thing you need to get here. That's the main thing and without it, you're getting behind on everything," he adds.


There have been four reports of grand theft auto on campus since the school semester began three weeks ago.


"So far, all four have been Hondas that have been stolen here at Bakersfield College.  Although in the past we have seen others mixes and models stolen and so far it's been Hondas," said Amber Chiang, spokesperson with the college.


Students received an e-mail alert notifying them about the thefts which school leaders say happen at night and even in broad daylight.  


"At first, when I was reading them, I couldn't believe it because it's kind of weird, people coming to a college to jack cars.  You can go somewhere else we're trying to be successful," said Honorio Arredondo, student with Bakersfield College.


Bakersfield College is taking a proactive effort to stop thieves.  It’s partnering with public safety officers and Bakersfield Police.


"I don't know anyone here so, there's no one to walk me to my car or even if there was I don't know if I would trust them because they would be from my classes and it's only my third week.  I do make me a little afraid," said student, Victoria Valenzuela.


Officials with the school are asking anyone parking on campus not to leave valuables in plain sight.  Make sure your car is locked and your windows rolled up.  


"I always take my things with me.  I never leave any valuable papers or things in my car because you know it’s actually dangerous. It's something important that you have to carry with you.  So why leave them in your car," said student, Manuel Lara.


If you happen to see any unusual activity in and around Bakersfield College especially in any parking lot you are asked to report it by calling campus security or in an emergency call 911.


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