Cats removed, Luigi's waitress' son taken in ambulance from unsanitary home on V, 18th streets

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A house containing numerous feral and domesticated cats was condemned by Bakersfield Code Enforcement Wednesday.

A woman who recently died lived there with her disabled adult son on V and 18th streets.

Neighbors said the woman was Nancy Mickelberry, a longtime waitress at Luigi's Italian Restaurant. Most knew her as the massage woman because of the back rubs she would give to customers.

Officials said the home was unsanitary and contained overflowing litter boxes with the thick smell of cat urine.

Bakersfield Animal Control captured five sick kittens and one cat in the home, and they believe there are more.

The man who lived inside the rented home was taken away in an ambulance.

"It's not healthy for someone to stay in there," said David Paquette of Bakersfield Code Enforcement.

All of the cats were removed except two that escaped through the front door, officials said.

BAC said the cats will be assessed for health and temperament. The cats will be held at the shelter or euthanized.

If any of the cats or kittens are healthy enough for adoption, BAC said they will be available at the shelter next week.


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