Cattlemen in Kern County selling herds due to drought conditions

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Cattlemen in Kern County are selling herds by the hundreds as drought conditions continue to haunt farmers across the state.

Carl Twissleman's livelihood comes from his cattle at Temblor Ranch.

He will be selling another 100 cattle this month. This year alone he has already sold 200 cattle.

The price and scarce availability of feed along with the no rainfall has left Twissleman with no other choice.

"We can't afford to feed them or put them in feedlots so the best choice for us is to just sell them," Twissleman said.

A new Reuters report on agricultural records shows Twissleman isn't alone. In the last four months, an estimated 100,000 cattle have been shipped out of California.

Kern County has been in a drought for the last three years, but this year has been the worst," Twissleman said.

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