CDC says 58 percent of tested pools had E. Coli, local health department keeping ours clean

What you need to do before dipping into the pool

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Local environmental specialists go pool to pool making sure the water you and your family swim in is as clean as can be.

Donna Fenton, Chief Environmental Heath Specialist, explained, "when our inspectors go out they check the PH for the pool and also chemical residual and if they find that a public pool didn't have sufficient chemicals to do the disinfection process they would close the pool".

According to a CDC study done last year, 58% of pools around the nation tested positive for E. Coli.

Fenton says so far no pools have been shutdown this season.

To help keep your swimmers stay healthy this pool season Fenton suggests sticking to a schedule.

"Make sure if you have small children that you're giving them restroom breaks, bathroom breaks, every 60 minutes or so so that way you'll avoid them having an accident in the pool that would introduce more bacteria into the water", Fenton said.

The health expert also advises you to check your chemicals often as heat and time can wear on their potency, making your pool more susceptible to diseases.


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