Cell phone service improving in Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Compared to a year ago, cell phone service in the Bakersfield area seems to be improving.

According to OpenSignal, a company that logs cell phone speed and service worldwide, Bakersfield now has 7% better service than the average U.S. city and 44% better service than the worldwide average. A year ago, OpenSignal found that the city was lagging 40% behind the average American city and 25% worldwide.

"I've seen things get a lot better, especially with 4G LTE," said resident Blake Tedder. 

Earlier this month, Sprint launched 4G LTE high-speed wireless service in Bakersfield. All four major U.S. carriers now offer 4G service in the area.

"It has gotten better, but the quality has just dropped," Auny Aly told 23ABC. He says despite speed improvements, he still experiences service issues. "It's still dropping a lot," he said. 

AT&T said since 2011, they have invested more than $110 million to improve service in Bakersfield.

City of Bakersfield officials said they've seen a steady number of tower and upgrade applications from cell carriers. 


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