Cell phone video of the three women in Ohio being rescued has been released

CLEVELAND, Ohio - For the first time cell phone video of police entering the home can be seen.

The three women who were rescued from a home in Ohio after being held hostage for ten years are savoring their freedom. 

In the video you can see the man who rescued the women, Charles Ramsey, in the background.

But the questions are shifting to the handling of the case. 

Two brothers have come out saying they reported seeing Ariel Castro talking to one of the victims and told police. 

But police said they have no record of the reports and followed all leads. 


"I know the guys involved in the investigation both on our side and the FBI and they would not have let those kinds of things go. They would have checked it out and vetted it out," said Commander Gary Gingell with Cleveland PD. 
Ariel Castro, the man accused of abducting and raping the three women has now hired a private defense attorney. 
DNA testing further proves Castro is the father of Amanda Berry's child. 


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