Cesar Chavez High School football players pick up trash from the streets of Delano

DELANO, Calif. - Football players at Cesar Chavez High School in Delano are making a difference on and off the field.

The Junior varsity and Varsity football teams recently spent their Saturday morning walking the streets of Delano and picking up trash.

"Our kids are eager hard working young people. They're good community members. They're young people that want to produce every day and maximize their potential whether it's in the classroom or football field or serving our community,” said Head Varsity Coach, Casey Quinn.

“I think we picked up over 500 pieces of trash,” said Michael Nava, Varsity Quarterback.

“We're not just football players. We are trying to help the community and want to help give back,” said Roger Pena.

Jesse Ortega, the Assistant Varsity coach, came up with the idea. The goal is to teach the teens about public service.

“Although they are all great kids, there is always something more a coach can do to help them grow,” said Ortega.

Ortega also wants the football players to inspire others to pick up a trash bag and help keep the streets clean.

"I would like the team to be a reflection of what Delano is all about."

“I was born and raised here, growing up not even two blocks away from where we are cleaning up and it's good to give back,” said linebacker Aaron Rodriguez.

 Now the team is hoping the city will come cheer them on at their first game this year.

"Over the past few years we didn’t have much support in games so we're hoping if we give back to the community they'll come support us in return,” said Rodriguez.

The team will play their first game on August 29th.



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