Charges dropped against former CHP officer

Former CHP Officer Free Of Charges

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A former California Highway Patrol Officer won't face criminal charges due to a lack of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

The incident took place back in September when a woman claimed she was sexually assaulted by CHP officer Jose Davila.  The woman told investigators she was stopped for a D-U-I, but the responding CHP officer didn't take her to jail.  She claimed the officer let her drive home as he followed her in his patrol car.  Once at her house she says she was sexually assaulted by the officer. 

Today the Kern County District Attorney's Office has issued a statement saying, "After careful review of the evidence and the law, it was determined that while the officer's conduct was unprofessional and inappropriate, there existed a reasonable doubt as to whether the acts involved criminal conduct.  This equates to a lack of proof beyond a reasonable doubt, the standard by which all criminal cases are judged."

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