Chicago Bishop poses with granddaughter in bathtub

CHICAGO - Chicago Bishop Larry Trotter has been under fire recently for a photo posted on his Instagram account that shows himself in the bathtub with his four-year-old granddaughter, both smiling and appearing to be shirtless.

The young girl’s mother, Javon Trotter, in response to the public’s critical outpour, spoke to theGrio in an exclusive phone interview and says she is supporting her father through this difficult time.

“I’m upset, I’m hurt I can’t believe that people would re-post the picture of my innocent baby and say bad things about my father who loves my baby and all kids,” she says. “He would never do anything to harm them. It’s hurtful for my whole family.”

The picture, which has since been removed, went viral a few days ago, causing an uproar in the social media community. From calling Trotter a “pervert” and to deeming the photo as “plain inappropriate,” social media users took to Twitter expressing their opinions about the post.

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Appearing on the John Hannah Morning Show, Bishop Trotter defended himself from charges of inappropriateness and said that the last couple of days has been a very dark and hurtful times for his family. He also offered explaining for how his granddaughter appeared in the tub with him. According to Trotter, his four-year-old granddaughter, along with her parents, were visiting for the weekend. While taking a bubble bath, the girl came in the bathroom and asked Trotter if she could get in the tub. He then says that both he and his granddaughter had on swim trunks and the mother of the child, who took the picture, was present for five minutes that the child was actually in the tub with him. He then attributes another family member, with access to his Instagram account, with uploading it to the Internet.

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