Children in need will get Christmas presents through a Taft Police Department program

Kids in Taft get early Christmas gift

TAFT, Calif. - Most people think when police come knocking on the door it isn't a good thing, but on Wednesday night in Taft, it was a very good thing for many families.

The Taft Police Department invited a handful of kids to
"shop with a cop."

One of the children who will have presents to open on Christmas day is Danielle Bolen, 7.

"I love snow globes," she said. "I would just keep on shaking them, watch all the snow and just do it again all day."

A wish for a snow globe is now possible because of the police department.

"Our shop with a cop program is designed for families who are not as fortunate as other families in the community," said Detective Adrienne Villarreal, of the Arvin Police Department. "They're referred by citizens of Taft,
schools and churches. We pick about 20 children a year. We get donations from different businesses; the oil businesses, small businesses. Everyone contributes to this program."

The program will bring about 20 children to K-Mart. One by one, they will be taken around by an officer or deputy to buy presents for Christmas.

"It's a good feeling and warms our hearts because we get to go shopping," said Haley Valdez, another child who was invited.

Parents were also giving thanks to the officers.

"My kids are really great, and they deserve more," said Julia Price, whose son was invited to shop.

The reactions of the selected families are what officers 
say  make the program worth it.

"It's a really good feeling because they're very deserving," said Villarreal. "It's just a good feeling to see they're going to have a good Christmas."

The kids will go shopping with officers on Dec. 13.


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