Children's Services Program helps children with disabilities through programs

CCS provides physical, occupational therapy

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Children with severe disabilities and their families are not alone. Through the California Children's Services Program families can receive plenty of help.

California Children's Services helps those kids until they are 21-years-old.  And then, the County Public Health Department will help them transition out.

Two-year-old Mireya Pulido is like any other toddler.  She is learning how to walk and talk, despite being physically and mentally delayed from a brain bleed at birth.

"We were told that she would never walk or talk or see or hear so to have her come this far is big," said Mireya's mother, Gabriela Pulido.

Her mom credits Mireya's success to help from the California Children's Services Program.  CCS provides case management, physical and occupational therapy, medical care and equipment for kids with severe disabilities.

"It just gives us hope," said Mireya's mom.  "Somebody to help and be there for us when we can't do everything on our own."

"I've seen these children be able to get jobs and go on to college," said CCS Occupational Therapist Mari Ferrell.

Currently there are 6,000 Kern County Children enrolled in CCS.  But when they all turn 21, they won't qualify any longer, so the County Public Health Department hold an annual transition fair.

"So what we did was bring the venders and programs in that they would be transitioning to where these children can meet the people they need to meet when they transition out of the program," said CCS Administrator Tony Pallito. 

That's where 23ABC met Miranda Garcia and her mom.

"I didn't know what to expect when we came, but I am really happy because it has given us a lot of information we did not have," said Miranda's mom, Elaine Garcia.  "We're bringing the parents in and showing them how to collect all the documentation they need to navigate the bureaucracy of health care."

"It's amazing," said Miranda Garcia.  "It's a great feeling to know there's people who can help you and want you to exceed in life."

For more information on CCS, contact the county Public Health Department which runs the program.  To go to their website, go to  or you can visit the department at 1800 Mt. Vernon in Bakersfield, or call the office at 661-321-3000.

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