CHP patrol cars equipped with voice-activated technology

CHP voice-activated patrol cars

Every new CHP patrol car is equipped with consolidated patrol vehicle environment systems that have voice-command, allowing officers to keep their eyes on the road when they're driving. 
"Everything's consolidated within the system, it operates our emergency lights, emergency communications as well, it also improves the communication with allied agencies," says Officer Robert Rodriguez. 
The consolidated patrol vehicle environment systems have replaced most of the systems in older patrol cars, which have been dated back to the 1980's. 
Over the past decade there have been hundreds of injuries, and about 20 CHP officers killed in vehicle-related accidents.
"It improves officer safety, where we don't have to take our eyes off the road, or even our hands," says Rodriguez. 
Officers say every patrol car in the state will be equipped with the systems within the next few years.
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