Church use of Facebook and Twitter has grown within the last few years

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The use of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have spiked among pastors and churches over the last two years. A report recently released shows faith leaders are incorporating digital platforms into their ministry more than ever before. A Bakersfield church is using a simple text to stay connected.

The smart phone has become an important part of our lives and it’s now the way most people communicate, even during church service.

“Churches have had to go where people are and people are on social media, they are on the internet, they are on twitter, they are on Facebook, all the rest out there, Instagram whatever, we’re going to go there because people are there,” said Dave Kalahar, director of Media and Broadcasting for Valley Baptist Church.

There’s wifi throughout the campus of Valley Baptist Church. Leaders say it allows members of the congregation to use their devices to talk with pastors directly.

“He can actually text from the audience and try to answer a question. We’re doing that with our youth right now and some of other ministries. So, interactive is really where’s its all at right now,” he said.

Church leaders are developing a new section within the Bible app – with a simple push of a button, users will soon be able to access sermon notes.

“The last ten years, but especially the last five or three years even, its everything, is more and more mobile and personalized and providing content for people to watch and listen to when they’re at home or in their car or anywhere else in the world where they might have access to a wireless signal,” said Bryon Willett, video producer for the church.

People can watch videos or hear audio from the church’s service on-demand, a feature leaders say is experienced all over the world.

“Its just its an awareness of speaking the language of watching a screen and being fed audio and visual cues through media like video, it’s just part of the normal language,” he said.


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