City and County residents can get pets microchipped for free

Pets can be microchipped for free

With the freezing cold overnight lows, it's important to take care of your loved ones, pets included.
And a good way to keep track of your pet, is to get them microchipped- and both city and county residents can get that done for free.
"We had an owner that was reunited with their pet after several years, because the microchip was showing that it was belonging to a family down south," said Kern Co. Animal Services Maggie Kalar.
Since Kern County Animal Services started the microchipping program in October of last year, they have implanted nearly 4,400 microchips. 
If you're a resident of Kern county, you can get your cat or dog microchipped for free at one of their three locations, on Fruitvale Avenue, in Lake Isabella off Highway 178, or at the Mojave Airport. If you're a city resident, you can take your pet to the location off South Mount Vernon Avenue.
The whole process takes about 10-15 minutes, and there's no appointment necessary. Experts say it's an ideal time to get your pet microchipped, with the cold weather, and holidays approaching.
The next free micro-chipping clinic for city residents will be held on December 14th, at their South Mount Vernon Avenue location. 
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