City ban on medical marijuana dispensaries not enforced due to legal action, new pot shops appearing

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - People in an East Bakersfield neighborhood are upset about a new pot shop that just moved in.

They say the pot shop is too close to a school and they want the city to do something about it.

The City Attorney's office told 23ABC that the pot shop at the moment is not doing anything wrong.

The city says the facility next to the pot shop is not a school, but a district office. They also say the distance would not matter anyway because all pot shops are banned in the city

They say they are not enforcing the city's ban on pot shops because the pot shop owners currently have a lawsuit against the city based on their ban.

The city says they will wait until the judge rules on the lawsuit in mid-April before enforcing their ban.

Businesses in the area say they don't like having the pot shop there and they do not like the people it is bringing to the area.


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