City Council considers making panhandling and 'aggressive' soliciting a crime

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - City officials are hoping to keep Downtown Bakersfield clean, healthy and panhandling free. 

On Wednesday night, City Council officials could potentially make changes to Bakersfield's current solicitation laws, hoping to reshape the downtown culture by banning "aggressive" panhandling and solicitation.

The proposed ordinance would identify panhandling and aggressive soliciting as knocking or tapping on a window, or even reaching inside a car.

If this ordinance passes the City of Bakersfield would consider this form of soliciting and panhandling a crime.

The goal behind this proposal is simply to prevent anymore people from giving out money to panhandlers. Instead, officials say people can donate money to an organization that is geared toward helping people find jobs.

Click here to read all about the proposed ordinance and for a list of charities and organization you can donate to.

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