City council members weight their options on what to do with Salas' seat

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Wednesday morning city council members in ward one are expected to decide on the best way to fill Rudy Salas' empty seat.

Salas' city council seat has been open since he was elected to the State Assembly last November.

A failed petition for a special election to fill his seat now leaves the decision in the hands of the remaining city council members in ward one.

The special election petition was thrown out after the county elections department said only 577 signatures out of a reported 2,120 signatures were valid.

Signatures were dubbed invalid for numerous reasons from incorrect address to non-registered voter signatures.

The council now has three options when it comes to handling Salas' seat. They can still hold a special election, appoint an interim member or leave the seat empty for the remainder of Salas' term.

If the council does proceed with a special election it could cost up to $100,000, according to the elections department.

Ward 6 councilwoman Jacquie Sullivan believes Salas should foot the hefty bill, "he convinced the people that he would be a good representative for them for ward one, our terms are four years and less than a year into his term he announced he was wanting a higher office. "

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