City Firefighters Urging People To Plan Ahead When It Comes To Preparing For and Escaping A Fire

Safety Tips and Escape Plan For House Fire

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - It's the season for wildfires across the west, but the Bakersfield City Fire Department wants to remind you that anytime is the time to be prepared for a fire at home.

City officials have offered an array of safety tips for protecting your home beginning with a smoke detector.

Here's more suggestions for your home safety plan:

- Test your detector monthly and replace the battery bi-annually.

- Time change is the perfect opportunity to replace the battery in your smoke detectors.

- Make sure every member of your family has at least two escape routes from their bedroom in the event of a fire.

- Practice an escape plan and designate a meeting place for all family members.

- If windows or doors in your home have security bars, make sure that the bars have emergency release devices inside so that they can be opened immediately in an emergency.

- Never open doors that are hot.

- Assist children and the elderly escaping from a fire.

- In case of a fire, stay low to the ground beneath the smoke.


Also, organize a meeting place outside the home in a safe place for your family to gather to make sure everyone is accounted for after a fire breaks out.

And practice, practice, practice!!!

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