City of Delano expands Kern County Fire service

Agreement will help save city $1.2 million a year

DELANO, Calif. - Leaders with the City of Delano have reached an agreement to continue its partnership with the Kern County Fire Department.  The new contract means extra savings in that community.

“I’m excited that we’re able to continue fire service with the City of Delano, and we believe we have a fair contract and we negotiated and we’re ready to stay here another five years,” said Chief Brian Marshall of the Kern County Fire Department.

The agreement worth a little over $2 million for the first year is less than the old $3.2 million dollar contract, but includes a three percent annual increase.

“Negotiations are always a difficult process, and we work through the issues and listen to Delano concerns and needs,” he said.

The new five-year contract which begins in July means the city will be able to keep its fire fund and the community of Delano will be able to save $1.2 million dollars.

Mayor Grace: “That just means, more money in the general fund that we can turn around and use either services or things for the City of Delano and that’s what our intent, always. Every decision we make, just like in this contract negotiations was so that we could do better for the residents.”

The new contract will allow city leaders to bring back positions in various departments that were once cut due to an unbalance budget.

“This turned out to be the best thing for the City of Delano and for Kern County also, because they got to keep a contract that would have lost them over $2 million dollars a year,” she said.


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