City of Shafter hosts 'Colours,' a citywide fundraiser for the arts

Event takes place Thursday-Sunday

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The community of Shafter is coming together to celebrate and support the arts for the next three days. Colours is a citywide fundraiser that is also helping to bring in tourists.

It starts with a spaghetti dinner that helps fuel people's energy for this four-day event taking place throughout the community of Shafter.

“Everything is all volunteer. It's something the community comes together and does every year and the servers and the folks that cook the noodles and the sauce, everything is all provided by volunteers," said Scott Hurlbert, city manager for Shafter.

Colours is a celebration of the arts.  It gives people an avenue to express themselves and explore their talents.

"Well, I think it gives an outlet to the artistic side of people who are either interested in exhibiting what they know about art or what they can do with art, or if they just enjoy as a spectator. It feeds both of those," he said.

The city-wide event gives leaders an opportunity to show-off their community in a big way while inspiring others to pursue their passion.

"I think exposure to the arts, allows young people to blossom in the fact that everybody has different talents and not everybody is an athlete and not everybody is a scholar, but music and other kinds of art even vocational arts makes them a well-rounded person," said volunteer, Arlie Smith.

Money raised throughout the weekend goes towards school art programs that often lack financial support.  It also goes towards projects within Shafter.

"For the community of Shafter, the fundraiser for scholarships and its focus on the people in the arts and music, I think it makes it unique and not all communities support the arts, the way Shafter does," he said.

Maps with all the locations hosting event for Colours are being passed out everywhere.

"Shafter is a great place for the family and we have a lot going on," said Jacqueline Castro with the City of Shafter.

And information with costs to each event is also being promoted online for visitors outside of Shafter.


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