Claim filed against Kern County Sheriff's deputy for sexual assault in Tehachapi

Second girl came forward saying she was touched

TEHACHAPI, Calif. - A civil case has been filed against the deputy accused of sexually assaulting Tehachapi women while on duty.

Deputy Gabriel Lopez was first charged with improperly touching the 21-year-old Tehachapi woman on March 25. And while the criminal case is on-going, the alleged victim is seeking damages.

Lopez and another deputy were responding to a reports of a break in.

Lopez told the woman that he needed to search her.  That is when he allegedly groped her. 

Then the victim claims that Lopez re-entered her house and strip searched her.

After reports of that incident came out, a second victim came forward.

An 18-year-old girl said that Deputy Lopez showed up to a domestic disturbance call on March 26. 

Lopez was allegedly searching that woman and she claims that he then also improperly touched her.

Lopez is due back in court in June for the next phase in the criminal case.

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