Community comes together to re-stock blood bank shelves after a young man suvives serious injury

Jake Hemingway suffered severe internal bleeding

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Jake Hemingway is a Bakersfield native and a friend to many. He suffered serious injures in a snow boarding accident and doctors used nearly 20 units of blood to survive his internal bleeding. 

"Jake has pulled through so far!!! Still critical, but has increased his 1% survival rate to a 95%!!! God is so good!! He did however go through 19 pints of blood," wrote his sister Mallori Hemingway on her Facebook page. 

Although Hemingway doesn't require any more blood, friends and family still came together to re-stock the shelves the at Houchin Blood Bank. 

"It doesn't necessarily have to be for Jake... say somebody else a month from now needs it, it's there," said his friend Cameron Jones as he donated today. 

The Houchin Blood Bank wants to remind people that it is the blood on the shelves that saves lives, and that in the winter months they are extremely low on donations. 

"it really is just a wonderful thing that people could do for each other, especially this time of the year," said Corola Enriquez of Houchin Blood Bank. 


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